About Us

Our Motto

...Et spirit de çorps... “...In the spirit of service...”

Our Vision

To create and provide easy platform for all kinds of travels and tours

Our Mission:

To employ the right attitude and finesse for optimal satisfaction of all

We are a reputable company approved and licensed under the laws of Nigeria to undertake Travel & Tours Services for individuals, groups and corporate organisations. In line with our motto (...in the spirit of service), coupled with our vast experience in tourism and travel logistics, we offer customised, innovative and outstanding services to all our clients. Our support services help our clients secure the most convenient reservations, get the best and affordable fares from airlines, receive alerts and reminders for promos and travel dates, obtain travel insurance and transit visa ahead of time for routes requiring such, get checked-in and keep all travel arrangements in one piece, etc.


It is important to inform your travel agent or airline ahead of time if you change your travel plan. Failure to do so will automatically result in the cancellation of onward and/or return reservations made for you.

  • i. YOUR ONWARD AND RETURN RESERVATION - Reservations not paid for before the start of check-in may cancel at the discretion of individual Airline operator. If you break your journey for more than 72 hours at any point, please reconfirm your intention of using your continuing or return reservation. To do so, please inform the airline at least 72 hours before the departure of your flight. Failure to reconfirm will result in the cancellation of your reservations.
  • ii.TRAVEL DOCUMENTS REQUIRED- For every international journey, youwill need valid travel documents such as: passport, visa (depending on where you are going), re-entry permit, return/onward ticket, inoculation/health certificate. etc.
  • iii. CHECK-IN TIME- The times show non your ticket is the air craft departure time. Please enquire about the latest check-in time for your flight. Usually, check-in starts 3hrs ahead and closes 30mins before departure time. Airlines reserve the right to refuse passengers who check in too late. More time therefore will be needed If you have to change your travel plans, have your ticket re-issued at the airport or if you wish to buy duty-free goods before departure.
  • iv. BAGGAGE- Airline regulation requires name and address of passengers on all baggage. Tags are available and free at their airport offices. Please verify allowable baggage weight from your ticket. Generally, allowable cabin baggage (for stowage) in [l x h x w]cm is [55 x 35 x 25]cm with maximum weight of 10kgs. Allowable Checked baggage is 20kg free for economy class and 30kgs for business class, luggage in excess of these will be paid for at the prevailing rate per kg
  • v. SAFETY/FORBIDDEN ITEMS- Safety starts with you! It is important to package your luggage well and avoid forbidden/dangerous goods such as: firearms and any kind of weapon and other offensive looking articles: explosives, compresses gasses (including aerosols), flammable liquids, oxidizing agents (such as bleaching powder, peroxides, etc), toxic substances, radioactive substances, corrosive substances, magnetic substances, malodorous substances, and irritants etc. It is forbidden to use electrical devices that could interfere with the aircraft’s radio and navigation equipment
  • vi. INSURANCE & TAXES- It is advisable to take a personal insurance to cover for medical expenses and possible baggage claims or additional expenses that are unforeseen. We will be happy to offer more advice to you on such matters if you wish. Also, passengers may be required to pay taxes, fees and/or other government-imposed charges/taxes not already collected.
  • vii. INSURANCE COVER- In accordance with the provisions of the treaty of the ‘Warsaw Convention’, Airline insurance cover for passengers on a journey involving an ultimate destination or a stop in a country other than their country of origin are stipulated as follows: (a) Death or Personal Injury to passengers is limited in most cases to proven damages not to exceed $75,000 (inclusive of legal fees) or $58,000 (exclusive of legal fees) per passenger, and that this liability up to such limit shall not depend on the negligence on the part of the carrier. (b) Additional protection which is not affected by any limitation of the carriers under the ‘Warsaw Convention’ can usually be obtained by purchasing insurance from any private company. (c) Liability for loss, delay, or damage to baggage is limited, unless a higher value is declared in advance and additional charges paid. For international travel (including domestic portion of the journey), the liability limit is approximately $20 per kg for checked baggage, and $400 per passenger for unchecked baggage. (For travel wholly between U.S. points, Federal rules require any limit on an airline baggage liability to be at least $2,500 per passenger. Excess valuation may be declared on certain types of articles. Some carriers assume no responsibility for fragile, valuable or perishable articles.
  • Refundable & Non-refundable Tickets

    Refundable tickets can be cancelled and application put-in for refund based on the appropriate terms and conditions. Some tickets are fully refundable while others are subject to various deductions such as airline service fee, tax etc. It can take up to two months or more for the refund to be processed and paid. Non-Refundable Tickets cannot be refunded but can be re- confirmed or re-routed for future flights with additional charges depending on available seat and date-change fee.

    Basic Visa Checklist

    Valid International Passport, Passport Photo, Visa Payment, Completed Online Application Form, Embassy Appointment Letter, Credentials (including birth certificate, marriage certificate...), Letter of introduction from place of work, Statement of Account (salary & any other account that is well funded), Certificate of Insurance, Share Certificate (if any), Documents of Landed property (if any), Letter of Invitation or Hotel Reservation, County/Municipal Tax Paper of Inviting Sponsor.